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Meg’s top 5 badass ladies to follow on Insta

By Meg MacKenzie | Insta: megmackenzie1

We all know how damaging social media can be, but on the flip side, it can be an incredibly positive and powerful tool. One such way social media benefits us is by connecting us despite being millions of miles away from each other. Nowadays you can check in with your favourite trail runner or climber at any point in their day, even if they live across the ocean from you.

 What this means, is that you can draw inspiration from incredibly powerful, strong and inspiring women from around the globe at the tap of your screen. Meg MacKenzie shares her top five badass women that she follows who all provide her with a daily dose of inspiration.

  1.  Alexi Pappas

A lot of you may know of Alexi and her following of ‘bravies’. For me, she’s one of the most authentic and inspirational runners out there. My favourite quote of hers (which I wrote down and kept in my backpack the whole season last year was “Run like a bravey, dream like a crazy”). Alexi is also a film producer and has great documentary called Track Town. She explores issues such a disordered eating and overtraining. She’s writes cute, short and quirky poems that stick in your head and make for excellent everyday mantras. Follow her @alexipappas   

    2. Allie Kiefer

Allie is a my role model for ‘think strong not skinny’. She’s an American marathon distance runner who is speedy and strong as heck. She shares her journey very openly and honestly - she’s refreshing and writes beautiful blog style captions. Follow her @kiefferallie

      3. Martina Valmassoi

Martinna is a badass, funny and ‘real’ chick who does rad stuff on the mountains. She skis her way through winter and runs incredible trails taking beautiful photos all Summer. If you need that extra something to get your ass out the door, Martinna is your girl! Follow her @martiskka

        4. Megan Roche

Megan is the co-author of The Happy Runner. She’s also a doctor and a really speedy runner. Somewhat of a superwoman in my opinion! The coolest thing of all - she doesn’t take herself seriously. Her Insta is full of nature hugs, zoomies and colourful words that make you want to grin and sing your way through your next run. Follow her @megroche3

       5.Hazel Findlay

Hazel is a British rock climber who talks about awesome aspects of climbing that are almost always a metaphor for life. She talks about her fear of falling, of expectation and pressure, of how she got where she did, her travels alone to different countries and more. She’s super cool and her pictures are amazing too! Follow her @hazel_findlay


What women in your life motivate you to push yourself, whether it’s chasing a PB or simply getting off the couch?

 Elite Salomon athlete Meg MacKenzie shares her top five badass women that she follows on Instagram that give her a daily pep talk through their achievements, lifestyles and morals.

 Who inspires you?


 Everybody has someone they look up to, are inspired by or motivated by. Even the best of the best follow people that encourage them to be even better versions of themselves.

 Meg MacKenzie, elite trail runner, coach and Salomon athlete, shares her top five badass ladies that she follow’s on Instagram and why.

 Who is on your list?