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A long-distance trail shoe to push the limit of endurance and experience.
Running an Ultra test you and your shoes. SENSE ULTRA PRO provides long-distance comfort, protection, and support to help your feet as they fatigue, as well as ample grip for any surface. Add a great fit adjustment, and this is the choice for committed endurance runners. SENSE ULTRA PRO is designed to help you reach the finish line.

Long-distance comfort - The compound of this midsole maintains its comfort, cushioning and rebound over the distance of an ultra. It won't compress or collapse.

Dynamic ride - The energy save midsole with a rolling profile, keeps you flowing
down the trail. A breaking zone in the sole helps maintain confidence on the descent.

Adjustable foothold - The Sensifit has floating wings that make it easy to adjust the forefoot and midfoot support as your needs change throughout a long event. They also provide added protection.

Scales & Specif
• Breathability : 3/6
• Cushioning : 5/6
• Lightness : 3/6
• Protection : 5/6
• Stability : 4/6