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Rules and Conditions 

  • Any creators of an image may submit (whether amateur, rookie or professional photographers).
  • There is no entry fee.
  • A submitting photographer is referred to as “Entrant”.
  • Entrants must be Womxn and 18 years of age or older to participate. 
  • Only the photographers can submit their images. Images may not be submitted from a third party on behalf of a photographer.
  • Entrants who are in South Africa during 28 November - 1 December 2019 are only eligible for the prize.
  • The subjects in the submitted photographs may be male or female.
  • Caption for submitting an image to the contest requires tagging of our official handle @salomon_SA as well as the hashtags #SalomonWMN and #SalomonWMNcreative
  • Only single image posts will be accepted as a submission, gallery post entries are not allowed.
  • Photographs have to be submitted on Instagram on the Entrant’s private Instagram account.
  • Submission Phase: 7 - 20 November 2019, starting and ending at noon (CAT).
  • The winner will be announced on 22 November 2019, at noon (CAT).
  • Winner gets a chance to shoot the Women’s race at Ultra Trail Cape Town 2019, which includes travel and accommodation expenses, from 29 November to 1 December 2019.
  • The decisions of the official judges are final, which for the avoidance of doubts includes that legal review of any such decision is excluded.
  • Submitting photographers must own all rights to any photographs entered in this contest. By submitting an image, the photographer represents and warrants that such submission and use as devised herein does not infringe any third-party rights (in particular copyrights, personality rights and data privacy rights) and or other rights protected by law. 
  • All images submitted for consideration in the #SalomonWMNcreative 2019 contest remain the sole property of the photographer. Entrants retain copyright over each of their images.
  • Entrants grant Salomon South Africa and its affiliates, subsidiaries and partners the sub-licensable, non-exclusive, worldwide and perpetual right to use and exploit the submitted images without compensation in the context of #SalomonWNM and #SalomonWMNcreative contests, promotions, marketing, advertising, events and exhibitions of all kind. This includes the perpetual and worldwide use of the submitted images in any media, in particular any print-media (e.g. magazines, newspapers, books) and electronic/digital offline and online media. To protect the copyright of the photographer, the Salomon South Africa will use the submitted images only in low resolution whenever this is reasonable and technically possible (e.g. on the internet). Credits will be given according to the customary practice in the media business. 
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