Summit rewards benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Access to exclusive in-store & online promotions.
  • Free access to certain Salomon South Africa events.
  • Anniversary and birthday rewards.
  • VIP access to sales and launches.
  • Free delivery.
  • Free online returns.

These benefits are subject to the terms and conditions below:


To earn Salomon rewards on purchases in store, you will be required to present your barcoded ID or driver’s license to the cashier when paying for your purchase. If no ID number/barcode ID /drivers license is presented at the point of sale before payment, Salomon rewards will not be earned for the transaction. Furthermore, it is not possible to earn Salomon rewards retrospectively for transactions where the member number/barcode has not been presented.

For all online shopping transactions, shoppers must ensure that they have opted in as a Salomon Summit rewards member first, in order to earn points for these transactions.
All Salomon rewards will be accumulated via a secure e-Wallet.
Salomon reserves the right ,at any time, to exempt certain products from earning Salomon rewards or receiving discounts at its discretion.
Opportunities to earn extra Salomon rewards will be given at Salomon’s sole discretion.
Salomon rewards will not be earned on selected products, sale items, promotions, purchasing of gift cards and/or instant savings.
Salomon rewards will be earned when purchasing with a gift card.
Salomon rewards are valid for one (1) calendar year.

You will earn a percentage of your spend back for your next purchase based on which level you are on. This value will be added to your e-wallet to spend at a later stage.


    • If you are on City and spend R 1000 you will then get 5% ( R50) loaded into your wallet to spend on your next purchase.
    • If you are on Basecamp and spend R 1000 you will get 10% ( R100) loaded into your wallet to spend on your next purchase.
    • If you are on Summit and spend R 1000 you will get 15% (R150) loaded into your wallet to spend on your next purchase.
    • The quicker you can get yourself to Summit, the more rewards you receive when you shop, and you will have extra benefits like unlimited free returns and entries into key Salomon events.


If you spend R 0 – R5000 a year you will be in the City and you will receive 5% of each purchase back as a reward for your next purchase. This reward will automatically be stored in you e-wallet.
If you spend between R 5001 and R15000 you will be at Base camp and receive 10% of each purchase back as a reward.
If you spend more than R 15001 you will reach the Summit and receive 15% back of each purchase going forwards.

In order to maintain your level, you need to spend that value in a rolling year but we will keep you informed should you not be maintaining your spend.


Upon having collected your first Salomon rewards you will be able to spend in-store and online.

Salomon reserves the right to change the conversion value of Salomon rewards at its discretion. Salomon will notify their Summit member’s in advance if such a change should occur.

Base Camp and Summit member’s will receive early access to certain in-store and online sales and new product launches. They will be notified in advance which sales and product launches they will get early access to.

Salomon rewards bonuses will be valid for 30 days. Salomon reserves the right to close any Summit member’s account that has been inactive (no Salomon rewards earned or redeemed) for a period of 12 consecutive months. Salomon rewards attached to closed accounts will be forfeited.


Salomon rewards earned for transactions where goods are later returned will be deducted from the rewards balance on your Salomon Summit account. Returns are subject to Salomon’s returns policy.


Salomon Summit member’s will receive instant savings on selected products in-store & online. These promotions will be available for limited periods from time to time. Please note that not all products are available in all stores and special offers may change without notice. Salomon may change any instant savings offers at any stage.
No Salomon rewards will be earned on sale product or promotions.


When you sign up for the Salomon Summit rewards program, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions stated above.