What is [opti.vibe]?

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[opti.vibe] technology is the result of six years of research that has produced a comfortable, high-performance shoe. Finally, a shoe that is both comfortable and dynamic…


[opti.vibe] is a unique combination of cushioning and performance. During each foot strike, the cushioning not only reduces shock absorbed by the body, it also returns energy.

By combining two materials with complementary properties – cushioning and rebound – we have produced a heel that meets all expectations in terms of cushioning, stability, and feel.

Heel strikers will benefit from the comfort of great cushioning that is also dynamic. Runners with a forefoot strike can also take advantage of this technology by choosing a model with a low drop. When fatigue sets in, they will appreciate the increased comfort that comes from the cushioning in the heel.


Reducing the shock that results from each foot strike is better for our joints, muscles, and back, and also enables us to run more relaxed.

In addition to the shock, the vibrations that the muscles experience when running are uncomfortable, and in response, the muscles contract. To compensate for this discomfort, our muscles burn energy that is ‘non-propulsive’. In other words, we burn energy that does not help us move forward which means we get tired more quickly. Good cushioning limits these vibrations, which means more comfort and less fatigue on long runs.

What is cushioning in a shoe?

However, providing the ideal amount of cushioning must also take into account stability and feel for the terrain. A shoe with too much cushioning often feels mushy and not very dynamic. As a result, each stride takes more energy.

So, what is "good cushioning"? Good cushioning in running shoes should provide the level of comfort you need to protect yourself – no more, no less.


Dynamism is another big challenge in running shoes. It is the shoe’s ability to respond to your movements and to help you link strides using as little energy as possible. No runner wants to feel like they are glued to the ground because of a shoe that doesn’t have any recovery or rebound. For runners looking for performance, dynamism is scored along several axes beginning with the stride and ending with the shoes.

Until now, dynamism has been directly opposed to cushioning. How could a shoe reduce impact and vibration while also providing a dynamic response? This is where [opti.vibe] technology comes in.

[opti.vibe] technology provides an increase in comfort without sacrificing dynamic response, which is an especially big benefit for heel strikers. For runners with a forefoot strike, [opti.vibe] provides the additional cushioning and rebound needed to power through long training runs or to finish your next race with a smile!

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